Reviews of "Three and a Half Virgins"

From The L.A. Daily News:

"Blumenthal has a jaundiced eye and a wonderfully ironic style."

From The Midwest Book Review:

"A fun dive into one man's past... Very much recommended."

From The Kinlde Book Review:

 "... written in such a fresh style that you practically expect the typeface to rub off on your fingers like wet ink. The characters are so human--and funny--that you expect to meet them walking down the street. Words seem to flow from Blumenthal`s pen effortlessly; he makes writing a novel look easy, though of course it is not."

From TheNovelBlog

"...falls somewhere between "American Pie," "Crazy, Stupid Love" and "The Forty Year-Old Virgin." A true pleasure to read."

From Fictionique:

"If you mine this brilliantly written story down to its core, you'll find a message on the value of repentance in our shared world. And it's really funny too."

Praise for John Blumenthal’s Other Novels


--- A BookSense 76 Pick ---

Honorable Mention – National Writers’ Assn. Novel Contest

Four Stars, Peoples’ Voice Awards

Nominee – Quill Awards

#1 On Reader’s Advisor List


"A funny and surprisingly moving story

written at the intersection of shtick and angst.”

                                                 The Wall Street Journal


  "Hilarious and unexpectedly touching… Smart funny characters who actually sound

smart and funny… poignant and finely crafted”

                                        Publishers’ Weekly


                                       “The writing is fresh, laced with humor.”

                                          Women on Writing


  "Blumenthal’s hilariously descriptive language is a delight. Wonderful.”

                                                     The Washington Review


"I couldn’t put it down.”

                                           The Book Reporter

 “One of the 50 Best Books of the year..  deeply and completely funny, the plot is tight and the story sings. A winning combination.”

                                     January Magazine

"Hilariously entertaining."

                                       John Winokur, author

                                                     of "The Portable Curmudgeon"

"Top notch. This novel comes highly recommended."
                                      Chattanooga Courier

"A reflection of the social turmoil and internal illness within America. Blumenthal writes a haunting novel of a lost soul, searching for hope and health within his world."

                                       Midwest Book Review



“A sardonic story of love among the deeply neurotic…Many funny twists and turns.”

                                          The Hartford Courant  


      "Pleasurably light and snappy… Blumenthal is excellent at keeping several plots going at once.”

                                                    Publishers Weekly


           “A deliciously goofy and involving story.”

                                  Carl Reiner


           "An engagingly written comic romance.”



 "A great read.."

                                                     Catherine Michon, author of

                                          "The Girl Genius Guide

                                                  to Sex (with Other People."

"A comic love story sublimely absurd enough to shovel a glimpse into the soul."

                               Kinky Friedman

“Romantic comedy of the highest order."

                                                                  Midwest Book Review